This facility utilizes specific equipment to maintain high productivity, product quality, and reliability
when producing choke coils, fuse choke coils, motor housing, and multi-forming products.
  • Production line equipment
  • Instrumentation equipment
Production line equipment
The coil automation production facility maintains high productivity.
  • Auto Winding M/C
  • Auto Winding M/C
  • Core insert Auto M/C
  • Auto Soldering M/C
  • Multi-Forming M/C
Production Facilities Spec
No. Equipment name Use
1 Auto Winding M/C Wire Banding
2 CNC Auto winding M/C Wire Banding
3 Core insert Auto M/C Insert core
4 Core insert Semi-Auto M/C Insert core
5 Multi forming M/C Press & Forming
6 Auto Soldering M/C Soldering
7 Spot Welding M/C Welding
Instrumentation equipment
These are the measurement devices used to ensure the quality and reliability of products through high levels of productivity:
  • VCAD Measuring System
  • DC Power Supply 35V 400A
  • LCR METER(PM6304)
  • Polisher M/C
  • Mount M/C
  • Tensile strength tester 1
  • Tensile strength tester 2
Production Facilities Spec
No. Equipment name Use
1 TEMP, & HUMID. CHAMBER Reliability evaluation
2 VCAD Measuring System Tool microscope
3 DC Power Supply 35V 400A Motor Applied voltage
4 LCR METER(PM6304) LCR Measure
5 DCR METER(GOM802) DCR Measure
6 Polisher M/C Polishing
7 Mount M/C Mounting
8 Tensile strength tester Tensile strength tester Measure
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